Straight White Tea

  • Bai Mu Dan

    Bai Mu Dan, in Chinese, means White Peony tea. The velvety leaves of this white loose leaf tea are sure to provide a full, potent taste as well as floral aroma.


White Tea Blends

  • Moonlight BaiMuDan

    The bouquet of gorgeous safflowers and mallow blossoms captures the vitality of this heavenly tropical infusion with aromatic passionfruit and juicy mango.

  • Peachy Lemon Bliss

    Delicate white loose tea leaves are infused with the succulent sweet and tart harmony of plump lemons and ripe peaches.

  • White Coconut Cream

    White loose leaf tea blended with coconut, safflowers, and cornflowers. Sweet creamy texture with a light body, and a good balance of coconut.

  • White Goji Blossom

    Whole loose leaf white tea hand blended with raw Goji berries and flowers. The promise of spring.

  • White Guava Ginger

    White Peony loose leaf tea blended with a ""superfruit"" guava flavor. This tea has a pleasant rich scent with an exotic and tropical taste.

  • Coconut Lychee

    Dissolve into this delicate white loose leaf tea as its high notes of floral lychee invigorate your senses and sooth you into a place of utter peace and harmony. Hints of coconut complement its floral tendencies while Bai Mu Dan loose tea leaves add the finishing touch.


Specialty White Tea

  • King Silver Needle

    These white silver needle loose tea leaves reign supreme with their luxurious nectar, embodying the pure essences of the jagged mountains upon which they thrive.

  • Jasmine Silver Needle

    A superior combination of white silver needle loose tea leaves and aromatic jasmine buds, this pristine tea yields an infusion with the sophistication and color of pearls.