Straight Oolong Tea

  • Darjeeling Oolong

    (Bai Hao Style) These elegant oolong loose tea leaves are primarily dark in color with shimmering silver tips. Designated as Oriental Beauty by Queen Elizabeth II when she , they yield an amber, honeyed infusion.


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  • Monkey Picked Oolong

    Imagine lush vines snaking through an abundant undergrowth of vibrant foliage. Here in this untamed kingdom, monkeys pluck these precious loose tea leaves for your enjoyment.

  • Orchid Oolong

    A dynamic integration of luxurious orchid essences and wafts of smokiness, this toasted oolong loose leaf tea possesses a distinctive persona not easily replicated.

  • Ti Kuan Yin

    Classical ti kuan yin comes from the mountains of Taiwan and is regarded as a prized loose leaf tea.

  • Tung Ting Oolong

    Tightly rolled green looe tea leaves with a full, rich flavor.

  • Champagne Ti Kuan Yin

    Toast to each day with this superb infusion of dazzling green oolong loose tea leaves, bubbling with the refined taste of champagne.

  • Fujian Oolong

    Enrich your senses with the creamy body of this delicious oolong loose leaf tea. Picture the magnificent power of Mount Fuji as each sip tantalizes the palate with bold flavors.

  • Gaba Oolong

    Also known as Gabaron Oolong, this loose leaf tea contains 10 times the amount of naturally occurring amino acids than other oolongs. This soothing brew reduces stress and anxiety, increases blood circulation, and combats high blood pressure. Sink into the realm of calm that this perfectly devised tea provides.


Oolong Tea Blends

  • Chrysanthemum

    Our harmonious blend of Taiwanese oolong loose leaf tea and chrysanthemum blossoms brews and amber-colored infusion with a sweet and lingering finish - perfect for digestion!

  • Orange Oolong

    The citrus from the orange blends with the oolong loose leaf tea provide a full-bodied taste with slightly sweet after taste.

  • Peach Oolong

    Dried oolong loose tea leaves capture the essence of succulent peach with their explosive aroma and luscious taste. Experience the relaxing sensation of lounging before a radiant sunset in every cup.

  • Tropical Breeze

    Transport your senses to the crystalline shores of a personal oasis with this tropical infusion of oolong leaves. Picture foaming waves as they lap along the shore in time to the melody of this loose leaf tea.


Specialty Oolong Tea

  • Finest Jade Oolong

    These brilliant oolong loose tea leaves with a vivid green hue and fragrant perfume are delicately oxidized, and steep a velvety brew with the clarity of jade.

  • Master's Choice

    Master's Choice Ti Kuan Yin - named after the Goddess of Mercy, this legendary loose leaf tea has traditional significance for the Chinese. Savor this divine elixir and its refreshing satin finish.

  • Reserve Milk Oolong

    This subtly sweet Taiwanese oolong loose leaf tea is characterized by a creamy milk flavor that is enhanced by gentle roasting to fully unleash its buttery profile.

  • Jade Pouchong

    Soothe your system with this slightly fermented loose leaf tea. Radiant green leaves form large twists with a signature of moist melon and floral notes.