Royal Matcha

Royal Matcha

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Royal Matcha, Grade A Fresh loose tea leaves from a supreme Gyokuro green tea are stone ground into a fine powder. In the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, Matcha literally means powdered tea. Our matcha is the finest quality and renowned for its health benefits. Want to taste this loose leaf tea for yourself? Visit our San Diego Tea Gallerie location. Click here for more details!


Measurement: Must use Matcha bowl and Whisk. Place 1 tsp. in matcha bowl, add hot water and mix with chasen (bamboo tea whisk).
Temperature: Heat water to 165 - 180°
Steep time: Whisk it in "W" movements, if you wish to drink Usucha, until a thick froth with several bubbles emerges. If you prefer Koicha, try whisking it in circular movements to obtain a smoother mixture, with no froth.


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