FINUM XL Tea Filters (60 ct)

FINUM XL Tea Filters (60 ct)

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These premium large tea bags are ideal for large brews. They can be used for iced or hot brews, and will not affect the flavor of your tea!

Our filters are made from abaca pulp, cellulose and sealing fibers, guaranteeing true-flavor filtering. They are chlorine-free bleached and biodegradable. Without glue or any other type of binding agent. The expanding base of the filter provides the tea leaves enough room for their flavor to fully unfold. Brand new: The box has a large opening for taking out the filters. Reclosable and FSC®-certified. 

  • aromatreu® white paper (chlorine-free)
  • ideal for use in tea pots and pitchers
  • with easy-fill flap with expanding base
  • length incl. flap: 182 mm
  • width: 102 mm


Steep time: