Straight Black Tea

  • Classic Ceylon

    This classic Sri Lankan loose leaf tea blend maintains a silky profile and brews a fiery golden hue perfect for those in pursuit of a pure tea.

  • Darlin' Darjeeling

    This champagne of teas is a first flush loose leaf tea which brews a pink, light amber color, fresh floral and apple-like character, with a slightly astringent finish.


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  • English Breakfast

    Traditional blend of organic fair trade black loose leaf tea with robust flavor.

  • Lapsang Souchong

    Literally translated as “small plant from Lapu Mountain,” there is nothing diminutive about the flavor profile of this sharp smoked loose leaf tea. The Chinese brew has a fiery richness reminiscent of smoky campfire flames.

  • Assam

    Our fine assam blend of long loose leaf tea with golden tips possesses a brisk and malty flavor.


Black Tea Blends

Specialty Black Tea

  • Jewel of Chamraj

    The Chamraj Estate was established in 1922 by an English businessman with an aptitude for cultivating premium loose leaf tea. Cherish his legacy with this pure black tea.

  • Yunnan Royal Gold

    Grown along the shores of Yunnan’s breath-taking lakes, these gorgeous golden loose tea leaves steep a glowing amber the hue of 24-karat masterpieces.

  • Golden Monkey

    Cultivated in the rolling mountains of Fujian, this refined batch of golden-tipped black loose tea leaves steeps an amber infusion with notes of mildly sweet raisin.